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[TWITTER GIVEAWAY] HYOMIN Comeback with T-ara Indonesia

Oleh JKLOOP Pada Mar 10, 2016

Hai.. Hai.. Sebentar lagi HYOMIN mau comeback. JKLOOP bekerjasama dengan @T_ARAINDO mau memberikan MELON PASS untuk 2 orang pemenang yang beruntung! Periode: 10 - 17 Maret 2016 Rules:- Para peserta wajib follow Twitter @jkloopstore & @T_araindo- Menjawab 1 pertanyaan yang akan ...

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How G-FRIEND live up to expectation from time to time

Oleh YOUTHINK Pada Jan 27, 2016

Or... at least through the School Trilogy Concept which could be the main reason why they remain sweet and innocent for all three singles. Glass Bead (The Entrance), Me Gustas Tu (Vacation), and Rough (Graduation). It's good. It's definitely POP, and it's what we've been missing from KPOP lately.

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KPOP 2016 Masterplan so far

Oleh YOUTHINK Pada Jan 6, 2016

2015 plays important role since it really expand my KPOP music library with unexpected & drama like plot-twisted ending by the end of the year. Notable rookies such as: G-FRIEND, Seventeen, Twice, and APRIL are really climbing up and down through my On-Repeat Playlist (I'm amaze how APRIL keep...

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