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Oleh strawieluphy Pada Mar 29, 2016

In Japan, March is known for the season of school graduates so no wonder some artists release new singles and albums with graduation theme this month. And for that reason, I already prepare a playlist to fill this “graduation month”. Are you ready? 1. Kobushi Factory - Sakura Night

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INTRODUCING: Little Glee Monster

Oleh strawie Pada Mar 14, 2016

Starting from this month, I’ll give a shot for introducing new or even senior artists to be added to everyone’s music library. Not only the profile and any informations, I will also give a review for the artist’s newest release. As for now, please welcome my favorite girl group

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JPOP Playlist Februari: Part.1

Oleh strawieluphy Pada Feb 20, 2016

February is actually a month of love. How was your Valentine Day? Were you busy sending chocolate for your loved ones, spending time with family, or probably… slept all day? To reminiscent you with that special day, we prepared this special playlist you're gonna love at first listen with...

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The Most Anticipated Album This February: MIKA NAKASHIMA TRIBUTE

Oleh strawieluphy Pada Feb 4, 2016

Mika Nakashima is a Japanese female soloist debuted at 2001 with single STARS which is also the theme song for TV drama Kizudarake no Love Song. She gains attentions after her beautiful, deep, and strong vocal; makes her a unique one since cute and sweet vocals are already being mainstream recent ...

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Oleh strawieluphy Pada Jan 28, 2016

Female groups in Japan will never be in silence. The famous ones are still dominating, but the fresh and new ones are also went out and debuted, filling the space for the music-enthusiast looking for new talent also hopefully fresh concept. Let’s take a look for the “previous” new ...

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