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by strawieluphy on Jan 28, 2016

Female groups in Japan will never be in silence. The famous ones are still dominating, but the fresh and new ones are also went out and debuted, filling the space for the music-enthusiast looking for new talent also hopefully fresh concept. Let’s take a look for the “previous” new ...

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How G-FRIEND live up to expectation from time to time

by YOUTHINK on Jan 27, 2016

Or... at least through the School Trilogy Concept which could be the main reason why they remain sweet and innocent for all three singles. Glass Bead (The Entrance), Me Gustas Tu (Vacation), and Rough (Graduation). It's good. It's definitely POP, and it's what we've been missing from KPOP lately.

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by strawieluphy on Jan 22, 2016

Looking up for the songs to fill up your fresh and energetic January? Sometimes we don’t only need new songs, but also some old yet good songs. Of course there will be billion JPop songs that will be recommendations, but here is my playlist to guide you not to make January a boring month.

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The Most Painful Graduation (Part. 2)

by strawieluphy on Jan 15, 2016

Di Part 1 sebelumnya, saya sudah membahas 3 anggota grup dengan pengumuman kelulusan yang paling menyakitkan sepanjang tahun 2015. Tapi ternyata tidak hanya Kanon, Ricchan, dan Rena saja lho. Siapa lagi idola-idola lainnya yang juga dengan pengumuman kelulusan menyakitkan di 2015? Inilah bagian

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What was your favotite AKB48's Single in 2015?

by KenT on Jan 15, 2016

Looking back at 2015, it was indeed another year of fame for the idols. Let’s take a peek at AKB48's singles in 2015. It's pretty similar to previous year, where they released 4 singles without the Janken single. What was your favorite jam so far...? Are you satisfied with the releases? Did it...

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